October 2, 2019 admin

We believe that it’s time for ALL to benefit and flourish from the technological and social changes that are happening now,  and that the experiences of the currently underrepresented entrepreneurs actually are their competitive advantage in solving problems in markets that have yet to be fully explored.

We believe that world changing ideas from world changing founders are evenly distributed across the entire population and geography, but that opportunity is occupied by a self-selected few.

We believe that Silicon Valley has “owned” the narrative long enough, what they call a meritocracy is actually a “mirro-tocracy” of a monoculture of affluent white men cultivating an ecosystem of younger, privileged, white men.

We work with entrepreneurs, empower them with training, networking and resources, and help ecosystems remove barriers that stand in the way of starting and growing startups in communities that strive to have more equitable startup environments.

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