the Alteri Project empowers entrepreneurs
and helps remove barriers in ecosystems
to promote financial wellness.

We help economic ecosystems remove barriers that stand in the way of entrepreneurs starting and growing companies in their communities.

Founder Workshops

We bring our Founder workshops to entrepreneurs where they are, and deliver a complete list of resources and education to entrepreneurs

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Ecosystem Development

We work together with communities and collaborating organizations to level the playing field for entrepreneurs

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Diverse, Inclusive, Equality means
Success for All

The focus of ecosystem development is to empower and support all new comers within it.

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Innovation should be
part of EVERY community.

The Alteri Project believes that thriving communities depend on diverse and inclusive economic ecosystems. We believe that everyone deserves a path to financial health that is without barriers due to social bias or other unjust impediments.

<b>Startup workshops</b> for entrepreneurs

Startup workshops for entrepreneurs

Are you thinking of starting a side hustle? A small business? An investible business? Learn what works for you in our Founder Workshops.

<b>Ecosystem Development</b> to close gaps and remove barriers

Ecosystem Development to close gaps and remove barriers

Is your community seeking to grow its startup ecosystem? Does it need help filling gaps and removing barriers? Request an ecosystem analysis from our experts.

Select the Founder Workshop that
fits you and get started

We offer our workshops in a weekend package or over four Saturdays.
You can also sign up for a founder orientation session
to determine if you should startup.

Founder Orientation

Portrait of successful young businesswoman speaking in front of audience at conference, making presentation to colleagues
$59 one time fee • ask about sliding scale
  • Get feedback on Skills
  • Get feedback on Idea
  • Determine if you're Ready


Compressed Founder Workshop
Speaker Giving a Talk at Business Meeting. Audience in the conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship. Copy space on white board.
$99 one time fee • ask about sliding scale
  • Four Power Sessions
  • Compressed program
  • Finish in one weekend


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$39 one time fee
  • FourPower Session
  • Compressed program
  • Finish in one weekend!

Power User

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$79 one time fee
  • Power Elite Support
  • 27+ Beautiful Demos
  • 115+ Page Templates

Ecosystem Development
transforms communities and changes lives.

The Alteri Project is dedicated to promoting healthy, diverse, and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems
in places that have largely been left out of the startup scene.



Our team identifies all of the strengths and weaknesses of the current “operating system”



We help your community work together with its current ecosystem assets.



We invite mentors, investors, and other institutions to opportunities and help fill gaps.



We support your ecosystem with communications systems, publicity, and continued resource development.

Underrepresented entrepreneurs need training and
resources to remove barriers, advance their businesses, and change lives.

We have created programs that help the dreamers and risk takers
create companies that solve problems unique to their communities.

Please make a donation to support these programs in your community.